Dear Etty, I wanted to thank you so much for the work you have done and continue to do on my book. My area of study in Chinese medicine is quite niche and yet your understanding and flexibility has meant that I felt at ease speaking to you about what I needed. I required copy editing and your extremely detailed and confident clarity has created the "elegant words" that my work didn't have before your involvement. Particularly your own understanding of numerous feilds including Chinese medicine meant that my attempts to explain difficult concepts were something you helped me greatly to put across to a lay audience. The whole process of working with you has been really a joy. I will definitely be back and would recommend you to anyone who requires a seriously brilliant editor. 
Thank you so much.
DN, author in Chinese medical studies/self-help. 

Etty provides the medical experts who work out of Pain Expert Ltd with the very highest standard of proofreading services so ensuring that our documents are very well presented and avoid the potentially very serious pitfalls associated with work as an expert witness. Very importantly for a proofreader engaging in this type of work, Etty shows a high level of knowledge and understanding of the medical terms and phrases that we use when preparing our medicolegal documents.

As a company, Pain Expert relies on a number of professional proofreaders all of whom provide us with a good service. However, when it comes to attention to detail, a very thorough evaluation of each document presented to her, and indeed an excellent critical appraisal of the written work when required, I have no hesitation in stating that Etty is out there in a league of her own.
Dr JV, medicolegal expert, Pain Expert Ltd

Thank you, Etty, for your excellent communications and support throughout the assignment, for your professional expertise and wise advice. It was such a blessing to me to have you as copy editor, and you are a very warm and open person to work with.

I really liked the calm, fluid and yet professionally "tight" way we worked together, and I do appreciate your care in taking the time to answer my questions in a very fulsome and helpful way. I also valued the way in which you acquainted yourself with the author before starting work as well as your sensitivity to the subject matter, which was a very important factor for me.
AH, Project Manager

I have to say that I am extremely grateful for the amazing work you do and for my private work your input has been transformative. 
Dr JW, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist

I have had the pleasure of working with Etty for a number of years in the field of ‘Expert Witness’ assessments.  Etty has meticulously proofread lengthy and complex reports to ensure that no minor or major error remains.  The high quality of my reports has been remarked upon by barristers and judges and I have no doubt that this quality is a reflection of the methodical proof reading service that Etty provides.
I cannot recommend Etty highly enough to any professional who requires an experienced and committed proof reader.
Dr BH, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Expert witness

Truly amazing & this means I'll need to spend less time with the lawyers!
Dr GT, Consultant in Pain Medicine, Expert witness

After complaints about errors and typos in the first novel I self-published, I was determined to make sure my next book would be perfect. Once I'd mostly finished my final draft I searched for proof-readers and copy editors and thank goodness I found Etty. She was professional and clearly passionate about her work. I was impressed that she made the effort to look up my first book when I made contact to get an idea of my style. I needed her to work very fast as I was working to a tight deadline. Etty turned each story around in a day, two days for the ones over 15,000 words, and I was amazed at how fast she was, especially as she had a great deal to correct! Her edits were clear and never detracted from what I was trying to achieve. She absolutely 'got' me, and if she wasn't sure of something she would check it with me in a way that didn't upset my needy writer's ego. I shall definitely be using Etty again. She was fast, extremely thorough, and a pleasure to work with. I'd highly recommend her to anyone who needs absolute accuracy in their writing.
AL, Author

Discovering the limitations of your own literacy is mildly disconcerting. However, throughout the editing of an entire novel, Etty never once made me feel foolish.
RJG, Author

Thank you for an excellent job. The editing is great. Your comments on my Thesis were very helpful and clear, offering good advice on how they might be altered. Also you picked up my inconsistencies across the document - something I struggled with. This was money well invested. The work was completed before the completion date. I would certainly recommend you to any colleagues looking for a proof reader.
KC, PhD student

… you have a phenomenal level of medical knowledge! … superb at correcting my many lapses in concentration, even on specialist medical details
Dr BW, medicolegal expert

Please convey my thanks, respect and appreciation to Etty for her extraordinary work. What an eagle eye. She is clearly a brilliant copy editor. Please tell her how much I admired and appreciated her cleaning up work. Just great.
Author via MF, Open Professional School

Transcription of various recordings: Top quality transcriber! Everything came back superclean, beautfully presented and set out. Any unclear passages were clearly timestamped and helpful suggestions were left. A bonus I wasn't expecting was the cover page with all its helpful information!
PW, Research company

Hi Etty, I’ve just been looking through your proofread and once again you’ve managed to solve all sorts of very tricky problems with a minimum of fuss. You have a very deft touch. I really appreciate all your hard work on this, and your eagle eye too! The kind of mistakes you spot is very impressive!
EH, Informa/Europa World

If you’re after a reliable ‘see everything’ meticulous proof reader, then look no further. Etty has always delivered her perfectionist proof reading results punctually, concisely, and in a table format with links allowing you to correct copy swiftly. No typo nor spelling mistake goes unnoticed by her. Etty really delves into your copy and ensures she understands your subject matter. She’s also quite lovely and personable. We would be lost without her.
AS, Pressparty

I have worked with Etty on a number of occasions, both proofreading and Anglicising, and have always found her to be meticulous, considered and appreciative of the subject in which she is working. In particular, she does not hesitate to raise issues that have not been previously covered, ask pertinent questions and work collaboratively with the in-house editor. I find that this discursive and open style leads to a more thorough overall job, and because of this she is my go-to proofreader for most projects.
LK, Marshall Editions (Quarto Group)

I used Etty’s proof reading service for the hand in of my Nursing degree dissertation. I found her service to be very efficient, friendly and dedicated. Etty has a particular eye for detail, continuity and flow. As a dyslexic student I found Etty to be very approachable and understanding of the challenges this places on academic writing, I was delighted with the result as I could be confident that the work handed in did not have any spelling or grammatical errors but also that the work was precise and not repetitive. I would strongly recommend Etty’s services and would certainly use them again
AV, student in final year of nursing degree

I have been working with Etty for more than a year and in every job she has been professional, thorough and pleasant. Communication has always been very easy and her proofreading skills and her punctuality make her a trustworthy partner. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her work to anyone and I look forward to continuing to collaborate with her in the future.
RCM, Portuguese copywriter and translator

Etty is a great proofreader: she pays close attention to the text, is thorough in her reading, flags problems early and always returns proofs on time. I’m consistently impressed with her queries, suggestions and the care she takes. Added to this, she’s a joy to work with.
EE, Focal Press

Etty is a competent and thorough proofreader, who I can always rely on to deliver to our deadlines. For each title Etty has worked on for Marshall Editions, she has been great at resolving any queries as they arise, providing us with a clean and final markup at the end of the job. For each project Etty has updated the supplied style sheet for the project.
PD, Marshall Editions

My assignment is about education field. I contact with Etty by email. She responses emails quickly and it is easy to understand her proofreading process. I can understand clearly with her feedback. Also, she helps me to know how to revise grammars and sentences. I trust her professional skills.
L P-T (Chinese student at Institute of Education, University of London)

I have entrusted Etty with many projects and am always absolutely certain I will receive the best quality work from her. She is very easy to communicate with and surprises me with the thoroughness of her work and the errors she notices that have slipped past several other people. My two colleagues, with whom she has also worked, speak very highly of her too.
SP, Routledge

Etty has proofread several projects for me onscreen and the quality of her work has been of a very high standard. She has adapted to our working practices and feedback from our authors was very positive. I highly recommend her as a proofreader.
KW, Ashgate

I was always pleased with the service I received from Etty and the quality of work she provided. I was always working to a very tight production schedule, which did sometimes run over, and Etty’s flexibility and ability to accommodate our requirements was always greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend her services to others.
SM, Editor for The Osteopath magazine at the General Osteopathic Council




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"Communication has always been very easy and her proofreading skills and her punctuality make her a trustworthy partner. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her work to anyone and I look forward to continuing to collaborate with her in the future."
RCM, Portuguese copywriter and translator.

"You have a phenomenal level of medical knowledge! … superb at correcting my many lapses in concentration, even on specialist medical details."
Dr BW, medicolegal expert